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Self Love and Marketing

Why Market to Self-Loathing?

For as long as I can remember, every single commercial, magazine spread, and marketing email I’ve encountered cater to the part of me that believes I’m not enough. The lack/insufficiency that has been projected onto myself and every woman, man, and child of my generation and the generations that precede us has catalyzed and perpetuated unfettered consumerism based on the void rooted in the lack that follows:

  • Banish those zits!
  • My ass is too fat/skinny.
  • Those stretchmarks, tho.
  • Loubis are the only shoubis.
  • I jiggle too much.
  • Bank accounts that charge extra for not having enough money. (WTF is this?)
  • I could go on and on and on.

Where’s the Love?

It’s no wonder that people bankrupt themselves into the black hole that is debt in order to keep up with their desire to fill the void perpetuated by self-loathing marketing. The good news is, there’s a new movement afoot. Consumers are tired of negative input designed to drive product and service consumption.

Between 2004-2009, I never watched television. Meditation and exercised consumed most of my waking hours and the time in between was spent blissed out, consuming books and other media that didn’t perpetuate my self-loathing. My life was dictated by peace. I don’t remember seeing any ads on YouTube or Instagram. Everything was simpler. I wasn’t barraged with images that inflicted inadequacy upon my conscience, and I rarely shopped.

See? I was so damn happy.

Fast-forward to today, and my exposure to all of the ads and images convince me to burn through money to satiate some existential craving (that will never be satisfied). What happened to my peaceful, whole, loved-up self? Back when I hadn’t felt the need to purchase any and everything, I luxuriated in the love I had for myself and my life. As I continue to love my life, it’s incumbent upon me to curb my spending habits and consumption patterns. This is precisely why since the beginning of this year I’ve been ridiculously mindful of what I buy and why I buy it.

For instance, I recently purchased 100% Pure products because I ran out of moisturizer and the way they market their offerings makes me feel like I’m loving my skin and face with their products versus hating myself into skincare oblivion. Check out my posts devoted to 100% Pure – I’m beyond obsessed!

Jameela Jamil is a Shero

She is on a crusade against Madison Avenue marketing practices for the 21st Century and she is making huge, gorgeous waves (of self-love and awareness) and you better remember her name. Jameela Jamil courageously uses her powerful platform to rail against the type of marketing that convinced me to take those god-forsaken “cleansing” supplements that pretty much made me shit my brains out for a hellish 2 weeks. Jameela’s petition on Change.Org calls for Instagram to stop influencers from peddling potentially dangerous and toxic diet products to their impressionable followers. I’m with her.

The balm that may heal the traumatic, self-loathing marketing methods we’ve all been exposed to is the development of fresh marketing strategies are built on the basis of self-love. Self-care is the new, marketable it-phrase that makes me twitch a little when I see it, but it is a step in the right direction. Consumers should care for themselves and their families. It’s necessary and hopeful that the people who purchase products and services understand what their purchases mean – are they buying into a centuries-long tradition of filling their existential void, or are they making a statement with their money that stands up to the tired practices that are as damaging as they are expensive?

Every purchase you make can either be an act of self-loathing or self-love. You alone have the power to choose.



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