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Gorgeous Back to School Memories

It’s that time of year again! Well, no, not THAT wonderful time of the year. It’s Back to School shopping time! Admittedly, these pre-fall months hold sentimental value because shopping with my mom created so many fond memories throughout my childhood. It meant that my school year was to begin anew and that cooler weather was right around the corner. If you want the student in your life to enjoy this time of year…

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Make every little bit of prepping for the next few months memorable! These shopping trips were some of my favorite outings because we bought any and everything on our list in addition to everything else I wanted that went into the cart. It was my first encounter with retail bliss. With the risk of sounding incredibly superficial, I felt deeply cared for and special on these shopping trips. The time we shopped before I started high school was especially memorable because that was the first time we got to buy outfits since I wore a uniform until that school year. New outfits. Full supplies. Fresh start.

August also happens to be my birthday month, so the warm and fuzzies inevitably dominate my consciousness in all that I do in the coming weeks in anticipation of Virgo season. I must admit that I am extra this month. I mean EXTRA EXTRA as in, read all about it, and be all about it. I love to celebrate all month long because I’m just grateful to be here. I’m grateful that you’re here, too!

The Shopping List

Back in my day, trapper keepers, composition notebooks, and cute pens were all the rage. I’ll never forget the sensation of snapping open my first organizer or clicking my first new pen of the year into inky usefulness. The smell of rubber erasers brings back so many memories. I put together the lists below linking to a huge sale so that you won’t have to hunt for online deals, but please check your school’s official school supply list before you build your cart.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you buy anything from any of the shoppable links above or in the lists below, I may earn a small commission.

Let’s start with the 38-Piece School Supplies Kit that’s currently 21% OFF!!!

Eco-Friendly Supplies

Writing Utensils

Desk Accessories


Tech Accessories




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