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How An Incredible Astrologer Predicted My Healing Through My Horoscope

Horoscopes are a cultural phenomenon that I’ve kept at a comfortable distance since I was a teenager. Occasionally, I read the horoscopes that were included on the back covers of magazines or while passively scrolling through social media. In 2020, I came across an intuitive astrologer on YouTube who absolutely blew my mind. Minnow Pond Tarot’s Virgo horoscopes predicted over the course of months that this Virgo might be moving.

Moving? Moving wasn’t even on my radar.

The only way we could possibly be moving was if my husband’s career required yet another move out of state, which admittedly is a common occurrence. How common? You may ask. We have moved six times in less than ten years. We’ve bought three houses in the past six years and I would be lying if I said that each move was less traumatic than the last. Moving is traumatic every single time.

Healing in My Horoscope

I digress, but the bottom line is that Chris Reck was right about all of it. The move and the way I entered a prolonged state of healing after loss, injury, and more trauma.

Since I discovered MPT horoscopes three years ago, we’ve moved, experienced several additional, traumatic life-altering changes, and here’s the part that necessitated space for healing: I injured myself. I tore my rotator cuff up when we pushed a 79-inch recliner sofa up two flights of stairs. My body felt beaten up from the injury and my brain was decimated from the trauma. These were the unforeseen events that required me to intentionally shift towards healing. I had to prioritize myself, and the strangest thing about the whole situation was that for months, Chris had been repeating the guidance that in order to move forward in life – in order to progress in the ways that I wanted to grow, I had to heal first.

I remember the first time I heard the need to prioritize healing, I hadn’t been injured yet, and I brushed the notion off as a general suggestion. Just like every other gestating manifestation, I hadn’t experienced the thing that the guidance was designed to affect. So, I ignored that tidbit of information.

Prioritizing Healing

Now, I’m still not one to buy too much into horoscopes or predictions, but after Chris correctly predicted my move out of state and my need for healing, the guidelines available through people with his ability give me more to think about. The guidance is helpful in how I better frame my future endeavors, although if I’m determined to do the thing, I’ll still do the damn thing. The healing that I didn’t know I needed to prioritize ended up slowly burning into my consciousness because I kept believing that I was okay. I thought my injury was a sprain, but I actually needed surgery to correct it.

I’m still in the process of healing. If my experience with MPT taught me anything, it’s that there are messengers all around us, nudging us toward our best selves. The guidance could have very well turned out wrong. I could have not moved or injured myself and I’m certain that some portion of the guidance could have still been useful.

Looking back, the one thing I truly appreciate is Chris’ uncanny ability to inspire us to lean into becoming our very best selves, regardless of our astrological sign.



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