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Springing into Your Best Life

Life Blooms Anew

As the weather warms and the earth awakens into its verdant splendor, the sluggishness of winter falls away. In a few short weeks, life anew will bloom, buzz, and flutter about us, reminding us that we survived the cold desolation of winter. Fresh opportunities abound as we position ourselves to grow alongside the seedlings and newly hatched life courageously thriving against all odds. Like nature intended, every choice contributes to fostering vibrant growth and facing challenges. You made it! You’re here. You are still here. Despite the mess and the struggles and soreness, we are witnessing the natural cycle shift gears into rebirth.

This is why I adore spring. The bright tulips in my front yard bloom, the soil is primed for sowing seeds, and I get charged up to make some changes in my life. I tackle small goals that are achievable in order to give myself space to crave progress. What I ultimately tackle is an energetic and material catharsis that sustains me for the rest of the year. This subconscious shift could lead to positive, sustainable improvements when used well.

A decade ago this month, I made the decision to go within and return to safety following a tumultuous and uncertain period in my life. When life circumstances and situations begin to feel hopeless, one way of ameliorating hopelessness is to take the brave first step. Whether that first step is out, or within, regardless of any direction, a single step is an improvement.

This blog post isn’t going to be about losing those extra pounds or changing skincare regimens, as much as I love both of those things. Instead, I wanted to highlight the beauty that occurs uniquely during spring, and how it’s impossible without being in a state of constant flux. Everything is changing all the time. Everything can be overwhelming and harrowing and awful.

My lovely friend years ago told me that chaos often precedes great change. How right she was! It’s been true for me since I first heard her say it, and I’m certain I’m not alone. I often think of a seed and the disruption that must occur within so that the first sprout is able to probe its way through the soil northwards to the surface. Did it think its way to the surface? Did it feel it’s way towards the warmth of the sun?

Then, there’s the pupa stage of butterfly formation. By all accounts, from what I’ve read it’s a violent, disruptive, stage of chaotic transformation. The caterpillar becomes a mush of proteins and other things that somehow amalgamate within the chrysalis to produce some of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

I have some questions for caterpillars. Do they know what they’ll become? Does time in the chrysalis hurt? How did they understand that the only way to make their wings strong enough to break out was to use them (surely beating their very new wings must be uncomfortable at least)? Finally, was it worth it?

Much of our lives are in constant flux. Everything changes all the time, and like the creatures of the spring who experience life anew as the reward for their time in discomfort and the unfamiliar, we have the opportunity to spring into action to catalyze the very best of our lives.

What changes have you been dealing with? What do you want to happen? How do you see yourself bringing positive changes into your life?




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