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Proud Pet Parents

Millennials and members of Gen Z are increasingly choosing an alternative type of parenthood. The cost of living is outrageous and scientists say that irreversible damage to the earth is on the horizon – it’s no wonder young people are choosing not to have babies. While previous generations focused on procreating, younger generations are opting out of having babies and are putting their time, money, and energy into their pets.

Doting pet parents run the furkid gamut from canines to felines and pigs, in addition to other worthy species. My personal obsession with dogs began from an early age when my 4-year-old self was awoken from a deep slumber and summoned downstairs where I was met with a box of puppies. Yes, you read that right – a literal box of puppies! From that moment, I made the connection between happiness and warm, furry lovable darlings whose purpose in life was to keep me happy.

Veronica Percy as a small child with all her dogs

Pets and Health

Life is hard. People suck sometimes. But dogs – dogs won’t let you down. Study after study has proven that caring for dogs and cats (or any pet for that matter) from a young age improves executive functioning. These neurological connections stay with us for the rest of our lives. From ages 8-19, I didn’t have a pet and those were the loneliest years of my life.

Here are my favorite benefits of loving a pet:

  • They elevate serotonin and dopamine levels: have you ever come home to a doggo with a waggly tail? I could have the worst day at work but once I’m home with my happy loves, I’m better. I literally feel a mother’s love when I look into my dogs’ eyes because they’ve hijacked my dopamine release.
  • Dogs get me off my ass: They often need to go outside to relieve themselves, and I don’t want the mess in my house, so even if I’ve been sitting and typing away all day, I’m forced to get up to stretch and let them out to do their business. Let’s not forget about the family walks in the park that keep them happy.
  • Pupperinos lower blood pressure: Now I’m in no way saying that caring for pets don’t require patience. They actually replenish then deplete my patience daily, but they’re worth it. And when we’re snuggling or playing, I can feel a calm, blissful joy permeate my aura. (The one time I checked my blood pressure while doing this, it actually was lower than usual.)
  • Boofers teach empathy: My dogs have shown me that they feel what I feel, or at least they understand what I’m feeling better than most humans are able. They make me a better person.

Proud Momma of @ThePercyPack

I adore my doodles. I love them so much, I’ve devoted an Instagram profile to them and their ridiculously adorable antics. Here’s Chippy Roo as Liz Climo’s Rory the Dinosaur for Halloween:

Chippy Roo is the most recent addition to our family and he was severely abused and neglected before he was rescued by the good folks of Blue Sky Foundation for Animals. Please consider adopting your next pet. They’ll add so much joy and richness to your life.

Animals are Magic

Take birds, for instance. They’re not exactly the cuddly type, but they’re oh, so much fun! Peekaboo!



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