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The Benefits of Cocooning

Cocooning Energizes Introverts

Cocooning benefits every personality type. As a person who most often identifies as an extroverted introvert, or ambivert, it’s incredibly important that I nurture and restore my introverted nature so that I may reap the benefits of my extroversion later on. The world can be too “peopley,” and the inundation of energy that accompanies coming into contact with too many people too often depletes my mental and emotional capacity. Renewal and restoration are necessary. This is when cocooning comes in handy.

Cocooning often precedes living your best life and cocooning leaves my introvert side is renewed and rejuvenated.

What is Cocooning?

Cocooning is the practice of choosing seclusion in the comfort of one’s own home with exposure only to one’s family. My peak cocooning periods are full of puppy snuggles, time with my husband, and chatting with my family. I’m lucky enough to be able to spend time away from work if I need to, and I don’t take this precious time for granted.

The metamorphosis that occurs while cocooning stems from the self-steeping that’s inevitable during time away from people and responsibilities. My most recent period of cocooning was not intentional; I kept getting injured and my husband underwent a surgical procedure after which I had to care for him, hand and foot.

My inner introvert rejoiced at the time spent away from everything. I realize that most people aren’t able to spend months away from people and work, however, there are ways to reap the benefits of cocooning throughout the week or even while alone in your office.

11 Ways to Cocoon During Your Busy Schedule

  1. Create a quiet corner in your office where you can spend some time reading non-work related literature or where you can meditate.
  2. Time in the car: just because you’re driving doesn’t mean you can’t be at peace. We spend a lot of time during our daily commute, and during a drive is the perfect place and time to spend in quiet contemplation while focusing on the task at hand.
  3. Spend time away from social media.
  4. Treat yourself to a meal alone at your favorite restaurant.
  5. Go for a long hike during your time off. (My favorite time cocooning happens in nature.)
  6. Spend some quiet time before breakfast.
  7. Savor your time alone during a shower or bath.
  8. Go for a swim in a quiet pool. Spending time underwater is restorative and isolating.
  9. Spend time in a sensory deprivation tank.
  10. Go for a run. I used to run every day to get away from it all – peak cocooning.
  11. Wrap yourself up in your covers for a few extra minutes while in bed. The sensation of feeling cocooned in your covers does wonders.

What do you enjoy doing to restore your energy?



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